Most businesses agree that the cost and complexity of running an internal Exchange system is hard to accept when – like your website – email can be hosted in the Cloud.

Infinite Edge provides an Infinite Cloud Email service based on the latest Microsoft technologies. Infinite Cloud Email is unique in that it not only reduces capital expenditure on IT systems and maintenance, it ensures mail is stored in a compliant and efficient matter.

With Infinite Cloud Email, Infinite Edge provides a Infinite Hold service ensuring mail is never lost – even if it is deleted – this unique technology provides business executives with the peace of mind that firm data is retained.

In addition, all Infinite Edge Infinite Cloud Email mailboxes have the latest cloud based spam filtering ensuring most viruses and phishing emails never hit your inbox where they can do the most damage.

Infinite Cloud Email is enterprise grade and suitable for firms between 20 and 500 employees, it’s safe and secure and because there is no hardware, the service is priced on a per user basis giving you complete control over your IT budget.

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