Fast and reliable internet isn’t a luxury, it’s an imperative in today’s business world. Slow and unreliable internet can mean the difference between delivering a professional service to your clients, or being left behind twiddling your thumbs or worse yet – putting off billable work.

Infinite Edges Infinite Internet service is built for businesses with services delivered via ADSL, Ethernet and Fibre. You may still be waiting for the NBN, but Infinite Edge have access to an extensive fibre optic network Australia wide. If fibre isn’t available we work with local telecommunications providers to aggregate the fastest possible technology in your area to deliver the service that you deserve.

Key features of Infinite Internet include:

  • Fast, reliable, fibre/premium broadband services
  • 24×7 specialist support available from our Infinite IT team
  • Optimised for multiple offices and connectivity to the cloud
  • Optional data usage monitoring with management reporting
  • Flexible 12, 24 and 36 month agreements

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